U.S. to move Israeli embassy to Jerusalem May 14 -- 70th anniversary of Israel's independence

Special counsel files 32-count indictment against Manafort, Gates

Mueller's strategy: get Gates to flip on Manafort, get Manafort to flip on Trump

Gates pleads guilty ... is he cooperating?

Manafort following Gates guilty plea: I 'maintain my innocence'

Fantastic Find: Proof Of The Prophet Isaiah's Existence

Pence Slams Media's 'Fawning Over' North Korean Dictator's Sister

The Real NK...

Iranian Christians Fleeing Persecution Turn to Austria for Help After U.S. Denies Asylum

A slaughter of Christians in Nigeria goes unreported

Plan to outlaw all abortions in SC gets OK from Senate panel; headed for vote

Dems kill CO bill asking clinics to show ultrasounds before abortions

Federal court: KS can't cut medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood's Annual Numbers Reveal It's Fueling 'Culture of Death': FRC Report

Pence: 'I Was Honored to Vote to Help States Defund Planned Parenthood'

Bishop bars Sen. Dick Durbin from receiving Communion after late-term abortion vote

Walsh: 5 Reasons Why Porn Should Be Banned

Collectivist colleges are failing everyone -- and have no skin in the game!

Stanford protects inclusivity ... by banning men from gym

India to Justin Trudeau: Stop trying so hard 😂

Armed Deputy Waited Outside FL School During Massacre, Did Not Engage Shooter

Sheriff: 'I am devastated. Sick to my stomach. He never went in.'

Officer resigns...

2 other cops placed on restrictive duty for probe into whether they 'should’ve done more'

‘Abject breakdown at all levels’

FL Shooting Survivor Colton Haab: CNN Told Me I Needed To 'Stick To The Script'; Entire Town Hall Scripted

Trump signals significant shift on guns

Ted Cruz blasts anti-gun agenda

The Trans Teen Industrial Complex

Activists Conducting ‘Giant Experiment’ on Children

Ideology on a collision course with reality...

Drugs, alcohol, suicide killing more Americans than ever

The worst addiction epidemic in U.S. history

75 Years Ago: The Incredible Story of Hans and Sophie Scholl

'Christian symbolism' taken out of WI classroom after 'fuming' atheist father gets lawyers involved

Tech giants facing big tax clampdown in UK

College hoops corruption scandal explodes

Three-Quarters of Young Americans Don’t Qualify for Military Service

Judge lets cartel kingpin go!

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