Ministry Posts 'Only Men May be Pastors,' Instagram Deletes It as 'Hate Speech'

Surprise! Vatican orders US bishops to delay taking action on sexual abuse crisis

'How Will We Explain This?' US Bishops Shocked, Disappointed as Pope Francis Stonewalls

'Pope Power Play'...

Matt Walsh to Speak at Baltimore Rally, Says 'Gloves Are Off'

Israel, Hamas trade heavy fire after deadly incursion

Hamas threatens to step up attacks

CBS: Here come new Mueller indictments...

More races go to Dems, including Senate seat in Arizona

Sinema America's first openly bisexual senator

Florida: Jeb Bush calls for removal of Broward County elections supervisor he appointed

Axios poll: 61% of Dems see Republicans as 'racist/bigoted/sexist'

Fox News Personality Kat Timpf Chased Out of Brooklyn Bar

Facebook reportedly fired exec Palmer Luckey over Trump support

Internal emails indicate Zuckerberg himself drafted Luckey’s apology statement

Zuck refuses to appear before 'international grand committee' investigating Facebook

42 dead in California wildfire, making it deadliest in state history

Sarasota School District apologizes for 'inappropriate' Planned Parenthood video about 'sexual consent' shown to students

Featured gay men and women making out; parents not notified in advance

Planned Parenthood President Says Organization Is All ‘About Saving People’s Lives’

Berkeley Student Senator Faces Pressure to Resign After Standing for Biblical View of Gender

Harvard hosts New England Marxism Conference

Opening talk: 'We need confrontation. We need struggle. We need to take down the Trump Administration.'

'Spiritual first responders' hit the streets amid opioid crisis

Pope Francis: Chief Threats to World Are Nuclear War, ‘Climate Change’

'Fantastic Beasts 2' Will Have Two Gay Characters, ‘Sensual’ Scenes, Director Says

D.C. schools to allow students to enroll as 'non-binary'

Christians Dragged Out of Cars and Beaten, Haunted With Fear as Asia Bibi Case Tears Pakistan Apart

Renegade Episcopal bishop bans gay marriages in his diocese

CNN sues Trump administration over pulling Acosta press pass

'Hillary 4.0': Former Clinton adviser says she's running in 2020

To reinvent herself as 'liberal firebrand'

Beto 2020 Calls Multiply Among Dems

French govt to monitor social media for taxpayers 'living beyond their means'

The Internal Fight That's Splitting the SBC

Fox News Boycotts Twitter for Allowing Tucker Carlson's Home Address to Stay Posted

Lesbians Who Filed Complaint Against Baker for Not Making Wedding Cake Wore Hidden Microphones: Report

Scotland Becomes First Country to Require Schools to Teach LGBTETC Curriculum

Democrat hit list: At least 85 Trump investigation targets...

Dems to probe Trump for targeting CNN, Washington Post

Charleston, SC church apologizes for its part in slavery

United Church of Canada minister to remain ordained -- despite being an atheist!

David Powlison Has Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

After 17 years, many Afghans blame US for unending war; conspiracy theories abound

UK firms ready to microchip thousands of employees

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