Schweizer: Big Tech Has Power Stalin, Hitler, Mao 'Would Dream About'

Google Staff Discussed Manipulating Search Results to Counter Travel Ban

Google Tells Congress It Continues to Allow Apps to Scan Gmail, Share Data

Report: Facebook’s New Home Gadget to Have Facial Recognition to Tag, Follow You Around Room

Ears, Eyes Everywhere: Amazon Announces 15 New Alexa-Enabled Smart Products

Two Groups File Suit in Attempt to Stop 'Drag Queen Story Time' at LA Library

Using Govt Facility to Endorse Religion of Secular Humanism

Trump pivots, challenges Kavanaugh’s accuser by name

She offers to testify next week 'with conditions,' Monday 'not possible'

List of demands...

Kavanaugh ready to testify Monday: 'I will be there'

Dems plot 'presidential-election-sized' midterm campaign if he falls...

Accuser's Classmate Makes New Claim, Then Backtracks, Deletes Everything...

FLASHBACK: Leading anti-Kavanaugher Cory 'Spartacus' Booker confessed to groping girl in high school! [language]

US to prioritize offensive cyber attacks against foreign adversaries

Trans teen stabs parents to death because they would not affirm his 'transition'

State of WI ordered to cover surgeries for trans UW employees

CA: Drugmaker illegally paid doctors to overprescribe Humira

Prosp gosp Pentecostal megachurches a booming business in world's most poverty-stricken nation

Hillsong Church Becomes Own Denomination, Splits From Australia's Largest Pentecostal Group

America continues getting fatter...

Beyonce’s Ex-Drummer Files for Restraining Order, Alleging 'Extreme Witchcraft'

Deputy AG Rosenstein wanted to wear wire in Oval Office to get Trump removed: NYT

Another one: Senior pastor of largest church in WI resigns after multiple affairs

Video: US Marines sprint toward raging apartment fire to help save dozens of senior citizens

'God's Not Dead' Writers Taking on Planned Parenthood With Secret New Movie

Planned Parenthood's plan to take down GOP incumbents in 2018...

Ireland Health Minister: Abortions Will Be Free of Charge

U.S. Catholic Church creates new process for reporting misconduct by bishops

Jobless claims fall to 49-YEAR low

Stocks hit new record high

Professor in Sweden Under Investigation for Teaching Biological Differences Between Men, Women

DOJ investigating after staffer brags about using job to advance DSA resistance

Communist GAO auditor says federal bureaucracy abuzz with socialists...

Apple to track calls, emails, give devices 'trust score' to combat fraud...

'March For Our Lives' Co-Founder Quits, Regrets Vilifying Other Side

US Rep: Atheists trying to spy on Christian student groups...

Tijuana Breaks All-Time Homicide Record Amid Cartel War

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