Report: Pope Says 'Does Not Matter' if Someone is Gay

'God Made You Like That and He Loves You Like That ... Be Happy With Who You Are'

F.B.I. informant inside Trump campaign outed

Oversaw C.I.A. Spying Operation in 1980 Presidential Election

Trump to 'officially demand' probe

New data shows people actually INCREASED Facebook usage after Cambridge Analytica scandal


Leaked Internal Video Details Vision of Total Data Collection to Steer Human Behavior

Envisions 'A System Which Not Only Tracks Behavior, but Offers Direction Toward a Desired Result'

Social Engineering to 'Reflect Google's Values as an Organization'

Trump moves to cut federal funding to Planned Parenthood

Good Start...

Obama HHS Abortion Mandate Suffers Another Defeat, Can’t Force Christian Universities to Fund Abortions

In the Name of Convenience: U2 and the Irish Referendum

Former doctor who slipped abortion drug into girlfriend's tea sentenced to prison

New Down syndrome test in Wales paves way for Iceland-like eugenics

Parents outraged at NYC school's silent tribute for Gaza victims

China agrees to bolster purchases of U.S. goods, in move to 'substantially reduce' trade gap

Popular Cross Removed From MI Park -- Where It Stood for 70 Years -- After Atheist Complaint

MD outlaws therapy for minors who want to overcome same-sex attraction

LGBTETC Lobby Criminalizing Christianity Before Our Eyes

China lands nuclear-capable bombers in the South China Sea, raising tensions

Hotel pools linked to many disease outbreaks

Roger Stone says Trump may not run in 2020...

Woke Starbucks Panic Throttle!

All Chilean bishops offer their resignation over sexual abuse cover-up

20 evangelical priests among those killed in Cuban plane crash

Ten killed as Christian college attacked in South Sudan

'Purge Against Christians' in Eastern China: Religious Meetings Banned, Parents Told to Renounce Jesus

Pence Meets With Indonesia’s Top Muslim Leader to Discuss Attacks on Christians

Christian Persecution Watchdog Hacked -- Likely by or on Behalf of Turkish Govt -- Same Day It Exposed Human Rights Violations

‘You can do this with anything’: TX shooter used pistol and shotgun, complicating efforts to ban assault rifles

This Man Donated Blood Every Week for 60 Years and Saved 2.4 Million Babies

Gunman arrested at Trump resort in FL after opening fire, yelling 'anti-Trump sentiment'

Killer Cecile gets human rights award!

Sharing Faith Is Increasingly Optional to Christians

Plane crashes in Cuba killing more than 100

Study: Resistance training associated with significant reduction in depressive symptoms

Google Removes 18-Year-Old 'Don't Be Evil' Clause From Code of Conduct...

France to fine men up to €750 for wolf-whistling

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