After SBTS's 'Report on Slavery and Racism,' Some Call for Reparations


After Southern Baptist Theological Seminary released its sobering "honest lament" on the history of slavery and racism at the institution, some took to Twitter to demand reparations from the seminary, including "free tuition & student loan debt cancellation for Black Americans" and a "complete overhaul of evangelical curriculums."

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary would not exist if it wasn't for slave labor. It is now doing EXTREMELY well. It is not outside the realm of Biblical reconciliation to tell encourage @SBTS to think about tuition reimbursement for the descendants of such slaves.

— Kyle J. Howard ❤️ (@KyleJamesHoward) December 13, 2018

Good first step. Now reparations are due; not only symbolically but financially. This can take various forms but nothing short of free tuition & student loan debt cancellation for Black Americans who attended and will attend SBTS in the future. Reparations must follow repentance.

— M.DivA (@sista_theology) December 12, 2018

AMEN!!! Reparations are due!!!! Thanks for speaking this truth sis!

— Jonae Grinage (@jonaegrinage) December 12, 2018

Completely agree. Free tuition and loan forgiveness for all black students who attended as slaves. Reparations to be deducted from payroll of all faculty who own slaves.
Nothing less will do!!!

— Daryl Little (@DarylLicTecOAA) December 13, 2018

You read my mind. For so long the rhetoric has expressed remorse with no action to show true repentance. For complete healing and restoration we must act as evidence of our hearts. We have the pivotal moment in history to lead by example, I pray we have the conviction to do it.

— Unclaimedmuse (@MOMTOTUCK) December 13, 2018

— BJ Thompson (@bj116) December 12, 2018

Restitution is *always* a part of real repentance!

— Conrad Deitrick (@ConradDeitrick) December 13, 2018

How about 750 full ride scholarships for African-American students every year for the next 150 years? I think that would get close to the kind of restitution required. And think of the Kingdom impact of training that many African-American pastors!

— Marcus R. Brown (@marcusbrown) December 13, 2018

Without reparations, which demonstrates contrition and a desire to right the wrongs of the past, this report will be nothing but a clanging cymbal and a noisy gong. Love always requires sacrifice. Make your love and repentance evident, SBTS. I'm going to believe the best on this.

— M.DivA (@sista_theology) December 12, 2018

Not just financial reparations (which is necessary) but a complete overhaul of evangelical curriculums are necessary. Black church scholars must be included. Francis Grimke to Gardner C. Taylor, Absolam Jones to E.K. Bailey. Slave holder theology needs to be corrected.

— Charles Woods (@graceandpeace46) December 13, 2018

None of you should marvel at this. Reparations is a basic biblical concept and the gospel itself is a reparation. This is Christianity 101. Especially if you hold to convenant theology.I plan on writing about reparations in the near future. Until then, this will have to suffice.

— M.DivA (@sista_theology) December 13, 2018

I support reparations as a matter of principle. But I do not know enough about Southern to have a specific opinion about what, if any, they should consider.

— Thabiti Anyabwile (@ThabitiAnyabwil) December 12, 2018

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